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Our History

Engola was built since 2014 by our handlers couples,until today it is scale of 30 stavess.Our handler had 10years experience for this moblie phone parts' business.Clients'dependence and supporting make us to catch our dream swimmingly and continue to develop our company.

Though my company is a little small at so far,we have strength anyway.Our orders’ shipments arrive to $10000 everyday,that means there still be many clients support us very much.Very appreciative to them.

Top service is our essential product.QC?Controled well!Service?Satisfying it will be!Price?We can not say that our price is lowest,but I can make sure very much that our price is the best and valuable!

Our mission is what customers need,to make brand according to Engola.We have advantage that others no have.Welcome to cooperate with us.